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About Marybel Reinoso Coleman P.A.

Firm Philosophy

Family law is one of the most difficult aspects of law. We at Marybel Reinoso Coleman, P.A. understand that we are dealing with individual’s mental, emotional and financial future. We understand the necessity of a compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated attorney who is working for you, pursuing the best possible results.

Our goal is to provide personal service in a professional and compassionate way, while still strongly advocating for our clients. We believe that settling your case is preferable to the expense and time of court, and a well-drafted and well-prepared settlement can save clients valuable time as well as emotional and financial strain. However, if settlement is impossible, our firm is ready to effectively litigate your case.

Marybel Reinoso Coleman, Esq.

Marybel began her career 27 years ago as an Assistant State Attorney. As such, she handled hundreds of trials and appeared on a daily basis in court. This experience was invaluable to her. Marybel subsequently worked at a small firm, wherein she handled personal injury, commercial litigation and family law matters. In 2006, she began to handle family cases almost exclusively.

Marybel Reinoso Coleman, P.A. started in March 2010, with a practice concentrating exclusively in the area of Family and Matrimonial Law. This is an area in which Marybel can help and make a difference in clients’ lives as she has personally experienced many of the same issues they will face. Marybel has been divorced, she has been the new girlfriend and subsequently the new wife, and is a stepmother and mother to new siblings. The most important matter in divorce relates to the children, and helping clients learn how to co-parent in a way which is in the best interests of the children.

Marybel’s prior substantial trial experience has allowed her to perform in trial competently and effectively, and her reputation with the Court is stellar. The judges know that Marybel will be well-prepared and have made all attempts to settle the issue without court interference as to keep costs down for the clients.

Anna Sarullo

Legal Assistant
Anna joined Marybel Reinoso Coleman, P.A., in April 2012. She has been an invaluable asset to the firm with her knowledge of financial matters, her compassionate ear, and her overall willingness to go above and beyond to help our clients. She previously handled accounts receivable for 7 years at a very large corporation.

Anna enjoys spending time with her two wonderful boys and husband.

Areas of Concern/Frequently Asked Questions:

Financial Effects of Divorce
There are many expenses associated with the process of divorce, but a skilled divorce attorney can help mitigate many of these expenses. Financial effects of divorce include alimony, child support, and equitable distribution.

Whether you are fighting for or against alimony, it is important to seek services from an alimony litigation attorney. Florida has unique laws outlining the rights of both spouses, and it can be challenging to understand how these laws pertain to your case.

Essentially, all property obtained during the marriage is prone to the rules of equitable distribution. But bank statements, receipts, and other documentation may help determine which items or accounts belong to one spouse over the other. Gifts given to one spouse but not the other, for example, may not be subject to equitable distribution.


What is Alimony?

Alimony is one of the financial effects of divorce which either spouse may be affected by. When one spouse is left without means to support themselves as a result of the divorce, the other spouse may be required to provide monetary allowance to the spouse in need of support. Typically, the process begins during divorce proceedings. The spouse in need of support will request said support, and that request will be approved, denied, or modified by the court.

How Does Equitable Distribution Work?

Think of equitable distribution as a division of assets, such as property or bank accounts, in the divorce process. Marybel Reinoso Coleman, P.A. understands the complexities of equitable distribution. It can be an expensive part of divorce if you do not understand how to approach the situation properly. Items subject to equitable distribution in Florida include:
Bank Accounts
Credit Card Balances
Retirement Accounts

Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

Child support is another financial aspect of divorce that should be addressed with the help of a divorce attorney. Parenting plans, healthcare costs, and the income of each parent can influence the outcome of child support results. The court typically decides the final outcome in child support matters, which is why it’s crucial to have an attorney on your side.

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