About Marybel Reinoso Coleman P.A.

Marybel Reinoso Coleman P.A.

Attorney At Law

Serving Palm Beach County For Over 30 Years

I have been a resident of Palm Beach County for 46 years, having arrived in the United States in 1971 from Cuba. My parents sacrificed everything they had, and my mother left her two older sons behind, so that I could have a better life. We settled in Palm Beach County, FL. I attended local schools and graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1989, with a degree in criminal justice. I received my Juris Doctorate from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in 1992.

I began my legal career at the Office of the State Attorney in Palm Beach County in 1993. I was promoted to Deputy Chief of County Court within one year, wherein I was responsible for handling a caseload of over 300 cases, as well as training the new attorneys. In County Court, I handled over 50 jury trials, including, but not limited to DUI, Domestic Battery and Petit Theft. In 1995 I was promoted to Circuit Court, and shortly thereafter, assigned to a specialty division, Crimes Against Children and Sex Crimes. I had many jury trials, including Capital Sexual Battery, 1st Degree Murder and Robbery with Firearm. Many defendants received life sentences as a result of my trials. Several of my cases were publicized in the news, with 2 cases grabbing national headlines (State of Florida v. Edward Frederick- a police officer who repeatedly sexually molested his adopted daughter. State of Florida v. Peter Metaxatos- a handy man who sexually molested and beat a 14-year old girl with a hammer, leaving her for dead.)

My tenure at the Office of the State Attorney was extremely rewarding as I was serving justice and protecting society from hardened criminals. Thereafter, I was fortunate to continue my pursuit for justice by working with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office from August 2003 to August 2006 as an independent contract attorney. I was hired pursuant to a National Institute of Justice Federal Grant to review and determine viability of No-suspect Cases with DNA Evidence. We were the first in the State of Florida to institute this program, wherein “John Doe” warrants were filed if DNA evidence was collected at a scene of a crime, but no suspect was identified. I was tasked with reviewing hundreds of “cold cases” to determine the viability of a warrant. After 10 years, I joined a small private firm, where I practiced civil, commercial and probate litigation. In 2010, I ventured into my own practice, thus becoming a sole business owner.

I am married to Eric Coleman, who started his career in law enforcement 32 years ago, rising from a road patrol deputy to a Major at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. We both have a desire to serve the citizens of Palm Beach County. We have 4 beautiful children.